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We Make It Look Like Magic

The PMs Of The City provides effective solutions customized to your business and portfolio needs. We have evaluated and worked with multiple software platforms. This allows us to make the best recommendations for your business needs. We are experts with an in-depth of knowledge in the industry from the owner, renter,  investor, &  management perspective.

We have proven methodologies in strategy, business operations and compliance, whether you need to start your business, stabilize your current business, institute policies and procedures, create processes or develop a growth strategy for the future, we are happy to be of service.

Property Management is not one size fits all. Large or small, our consulting approach is completely customized to our clients’ needs and your culture. We focus first on understanding what your challenges are, analyze those learnings in comparison to benchmarks, then formulate an action plan to help you reach quantifiable results.

Why Hire a Property Management Consulting Company?

You and your property management team are professionals. You are the ones that keep things flowing smoothly for your property owners and their residents. However, there are times when you may feel as though you could benefit from the insight of a third party; namely, a property management consultant. As a consultant, we at Real-Time Consulting Services, can give you an unbiased perspective regarding the operations of your business and help you tighten up your processes, measure KPIs and give you an overall plan to move your business forward.

How Do You Become the Disrupter in Your Business?

In the world of property management (and any industry), you want to stand out, change the way things operate, improve processes and be the one to disrupt the industry. Sometimes the ‘how’ is best answered by a property management consultant. One who can help analyze, find areas for improvement and determine the best course of action suited for your business.

Feedback on The Efficiency of Your Operations

A property management consultant can help you identify specifically why things are beginning to fall through the cracks. For example, you may be failing to keep up with routine maintenance because you don’t have a maintenance tracking system in place, or miss important monthly milestones that factor in how you do business and manage the operations. That is something that can be quickly identified and remedied to alleviate the impact on properties and residents.

Overall Diagnosis of Your Business

A new set of eyes can find things that you are missing. Even if your day-to-day operations aren’t impacted by some of the items identified. Keep an open mind to suggestions that are made, as things that you’ve always deemed unimportant might make a significant difference. It’s often the small things that make the biggest impact of change.

Remember, even when you are great at what you do, there is always room for improvement. So, bringing in a property management consultant is something to consider whether you have been having issues or not. You may find that it inspires you to approach your operations in new ways, or that it stimulates your staff to go the extra mile!

Review of Systems, Software and Training

This is an area where many find that they need assistance in. Software can be overwhelming for staff and many times not used to its fullest potential. It is important that policies pertaining to the use of software in the business are kept uniform and consistent. Having everyone onboard, following the same protocol is essential to an efficient business operation.

Many business owners know what they want, but don’t necessarily know how to execute or delegate the nuances of software. Bringing in a consultant to evaluate how the software is being used, and how to implement it better into your business, will help streamline and create best methods and leave you and your team to building a successful property management company.

Remote Consulting Package

    • Weekly 1-hour consulting sessions with included coaching to guide and implement services in areas of opportunity
    • Production of Services produced and delivered each week (see below examples)
    • Introduction and Implementation of Additional systems/3rd party solutions
    • Exclusive customization of software/systems
    • Logistics Assessment (Scope of Business/Structure & Needs)
    • Develop an Operational Overview to include strategy priorities & initiatives
    • Mission & Vision Statements
    • Growth Initiatives & Marketing Strategy/Campaigns
    • Goal/Objectives
    • Process & Work Flow Review and development
    • Processes: review & Development
    • Best Methods Review and Develop
    • Reporting Mechanisms Review & Develop
    • Customized Job Descriptions : Review & Develop
    • Roles & Responsibilities: Review & Develop
    • Employee Overview: Review & Develop
    • 3rd party Software Solutions (if applicable)
    • Systems, Manuals and Applications: Review & Develop
    • Implementation
    • Revenue & Fee Structure Overview
    • Technology & Operation Solutions