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Affordable Housing & Small Landlords

As the housing market continues to soar, many are finding it increasingly difficult to find affordable housing. But did you know that small landlords are making a big impact on this issue?


Small landlords, who own just a few rental units, often charge lower rents compared to large apartment complexes. These landlords typically have strong ties to the community and are invested in providing affordable housing options to local residents.


Moreover, small landlords often have more flexibility with their rental prices and lease terms. This means they can offer reduced rent or other incentives to those who need it most, including students, seniors, and low-income families.


By renting from small landlords, you not only help to support local businesses, but you can also make a significant impact on the affordable housing crisis. So the next time you’re looking for a new place to call home, consider seeking out a small landlord who is committed to providing affordable and accessible housing to all. Need help finding affordable housing? We’d love to help, contact our office today 202.991.9833.