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New Landlords’ Lessons

As a first-time landlord, it's easy to underestimate the effort and dedication required to effectively manage your rental property. The screening of potential tenants and attending to maintenance requests are but a few of the numerous responsib...

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Rehabs and Rentals

Welcome to The PMs of The City Realty! We're excited to introduce ourselves as the pioneers of rehab and rentals loading in the real estate market. We understand that selling and leasing properties is just the tip of the iceberg. That's why we ...

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Freshen Up for the Fall

Use these simple tips to freshen your homes and investment properties for the fall. Don’t fall off your preventative maintenance plan. Need help? 202.991.9833

Maintain Yard Growth
Clean Rangehood on Stove
Check Battery Life on Sm...

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🏡 Home Buying vs Leasing

Decisions, decisions! Buying a home or leasing one?  Before you embark on this thrilling journey, here are some crucial factors you should consider.

1⃣ Stability: Buying a home provides long-term stability and a sense of permanence. You...

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Property Management Solutions

Attention all property owners! Tired of dealing with tenant complaints and maintenance issues? Let us handle it all for you! Our professional property management team has years of experience in the industry and we are here to make your life eas...

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What we do as your Property Managers

As a property manager, it is our job to ensure that the properties we manage are profitable, well-maintained, and comply with all local laws and regulations. While some issues may be routine and easy to resolve, there are times when complex pro...

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You’re Moving Out!

Moving out of your parents' house can be both scary and exciting! It's time to take control of your own space and find your very own apartment to call home. But how exactly do you lease your first place? Follow these simple steps to make it a s...

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Affordable Housing & Small Landlords

As the housing market continues to soar, many are finding it increasingly difficult to find affordable housing. But did you know that small landlords are making a big impact on this issue?
Small landlords, who own just a few rental units, ...

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